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Residential Property Services

Complete House Wash

Patience Key will remove any mold, mildew, or stains that have built up over time on the exterior of your home (brick, siding, stucco, stone, soffits, awnings, solar panels and concrete). We use our proven soft wash method and our safe eco friendly washes to make sure no damage is done to your home or property.

starting at $159

Sidewalk & Driveway Wash

Patience Key cleans concrete sidewalks and driveways with environmentally safe chemicals that are safe for plants, kids, and pets. Clean sidewalks add extra value to your home.

starting at $125

Exterior Window Cleaning

Patience Key will clean the environmental dirt and grim from the exterior of your windows. If you have dirty windows, give Patience Key a call. Our highly trained staff can make the exterior of your windows crystal clear.

starting at $99

Lawn Care

Patience Key will clean and maintain your 

landscape. We can put your property on a weekly or monthly maintenance plan to secure your property value.

starting at $59

Commercial Property Services

Complete Building Wash

Patience Key will clean the exterior of your building from top to bottom, including the roof, siding, windows, and driveway. The utmost care will be taken to clean around things like gutters, piping, and landscaping. 

starting at $279

Parking Lot/Parking Deck Wash

Dirty and decayed parking lots can be an eyesore and will turn people off even before they turn in. Parking lots quickly get cluttered up with all kinds of debris and stained with substances that may potentially be quite dangerous to people and their cars. Additionally, garages may contain piping and other fixtures that take special care to clean around to avoid damage. 

starting at $259

Commercial Exterior Window Cleaning

Routine, expert window washing lends an overall pleasing look to your office building. Neglected maintenance can eventually make the job of cleaning quite tricky and may lead to damage to your glass and window frames. Shiny, clean windows will keep your office looking inviting and professional.

starting at $159

Additional Services

Junk Removal & Hauling

Is your home or office building filled with excess trash, unwanted items or old equipment? We have the experience and equipment needed for estate cleanouts, appliance removal and all kinds of junk from your property in a hurry. Our crew recycles items when possible and diposes of hazardous materials properly.

starting at $99

Roof Cleaning

Patience Key uses safe environmental procedures to soft wash your roof. We clean both metal and shingle roofs. We can remove harmful stains and growth like algae, fungi, or moss without you spending thousands of dollars for a new roof.

starting at $159

Pool Enclosure & Pool Washing

Keeping your pool in good condition requires maintenance and constant supervision to keep to keep algae growth, dirt and build ups in check. We use an environmentally-friendly product to loosen the dirt, kill the algae spores and mildew on screen and frame before we use our pressure washer to remove it all.

starting at $125

Deck & Patio Wash

Your deck needs yearly care to keep it looking its best and to stay protected. First, our staff will wash off your deck, removing all mold, dirt, or mildew build up. We'll scrub underneath your deck, too. After this, they will stain your deck to seal the wood and protect it completely. You will love the results. 

starting at $99

Gutter Cleaning

If your home's gutters get filled with leaves, twigs and other debris they won't drain properly. We use only state-of-the-art techniques to clean out gutters to keep the water flowing properly. Your gutters should be cleaned annually, preferably in the fall or late winter after the leaves have fallen.

starting at $99

Fence Wash

Patience Key will start out by applying a special soap to the fences surface that loosens mold, mildew and that weathered grey look free from the surface.

Then we use steam to pressure wash the fence and not only remove the old grey look, but also deep clean the wood. We come back and apply a semi-translucent stain to the wood to protect the fence from the rain and UV rays that made it look like that in the first place.

starting at $99

Graffiti Removal & Rust Removal

Rust can bring down the overall look of your property. It can make buildings look years older and put people on alert for possible neglect and decay.  Care needs to be taken when removing rust stains. Our environmentally safe products will take the worry out of being exposed to harmful chemicals.

starting at $125

Vehicle Detailing Packages

Basic Touch & Vac

  • Complete Exterior Wash & Rinse
  • Full Interior Wipe Down only
  • Vacuum Interior


starting at



Basic Touch Plus

  • Complete Exterior Wash & Rinse
  • Vacuum Interior
  • Dashboard, Vents, Windows Cleaned
  • Wheels & Tires Cleaned & Shined


starting at



Patience Key Detail Plus

  • Complete Exterior Wash & Rinse
  • Exterior Polish & Wax for Shine Protection
  • Dress Exterior Trim
  • Dress Tires & Rims
  • Polish All chrome & Aluminum
  • Clean all Door Jams
  • Deep Interior Clean & Condition
  • Vacuum Interior
  • Windows Cleaned


starting at



Patience Key Detail Premium

  • Complete Exterior Wash & Rinse
  • Premium Detail
  • Exterior 2-Step Polish & Paint Wax (removes oxidation, small scratches, improves shine & protection)
  • Clean & condition Leather & Vinyl
  • Steam Clean Extract All Carpet & Upholstery for Stain Removal
  • Dress Tires & Rims
  • Dress Exterior Trim
  • Dress Full Interior
  • Polish All Chrome & Aluminum 


starting at



Additional Auto Services 

Roadside Assistance Services

Auto Lockout, Car Battery, Electrical Vehicle Charging, Towing, Tire Replacement, Fuel Delivery

Call for a free quote

starting at $45

Carpet Shampoo

starting at $35

Spot/Stain Removal

starting at $25

Scratch/Dent Removal

starting at $65

Interior Fragrance (Patience Key Air Fresheners)

starting at $5

Headlight Restoration

starting at $60

Engine Cleaning

starting at $35


Now with the click of a button, Patience Key can deliver auto & home care services wherever you are. Download the app soon in playstores.



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Thank You Patience Key for keeping my car detailed and cleaned for me. Due to my busy schedule, I'm not always able to stop at a car wash, but the convenience of just calling Patience Key has saved me a lot of time.

Benny Fitz

Southfield, MI

I needed my home cleaned out and my brother referred me to Patience Key. I had so many unwanted items in my home and they had to go. I was totally blown away from the results and even more impressed by the customer service. I passed on the word.

Robyn Ester

Detroit, MI

I went with an amateur pressure washer to wash my driveway and sidewalk because I was looking for low prices. Big mistake! I decided to call Patience Key because I needed someone to come fix the half done job. I paid a little more, but the service and results were well worth it.

Hugh Canduit

Snellville, GA

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